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Alumni commitment
TUM Alumna Zarah Bruhn.

Social Entrepreneur Zarah Bruhn

"I want to revolutionize social entrepreneurship"

TUM Alumna Kerstin Prechel during a lecture at HAW Hamburg.
Alumni doing research

"If I am able to encourage just one woman, I have already achieved my goal"

Portrait photos of the alumni in a collage.
Alumni commitment

How do You do this?

TUM Alumni Christoph Dietrich, Nam Truong, Arthur Singer as well as co-founder Martin Sprehe.
Young talents

Entrepreneurs Arthur Singer, Christoph Dietrich und Nam Truong

Alumni and space

„Wir wollen einen großen Fußabdruck hinterlassen“

TUM Alumna Christina Hering in the Olympic Village in Tokyo 2021.
Alumni athletes

"As an athlete, it's important to invest in education"

TUM Alumni Fabiola Munguia and Grigory Emelianov.
Alumni in digitalization

"Growing from challenges is what I love"

TUM Alumnus Florian Prucker.

"The really good ideas can't be forced"

TUM Alumni Florian Schimandl, Monja Mühling and Dr. Mathias Baur.
Alumni in digitalization

“I have always wanted to use my ideas to make a difference”

Lukas Wiesmeier, Karl Schulz und Bilal Tariq
Young talents

“Without TUM, our company would not exist.”

TUM Alumna Dr. Viktoria Leonhard
Alumni commitment

"I don't enjoy boring, routine tasks"

Katsiaryna Apalkova
Alumni commitment

„Ich liebe einfache Lösungen“

Alumni commitment

“True strength lies within ourselves“