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Alumni in digitalization
TUM Alumni Vijay Pravin Maharajan.

Entrepreneur Vijay Pravin Maharajan

"TUM Alumni Start Their Own Googles and Apples"

TUM alumnus Jürgen Schopp at his workstation in the Geoinformation department at the Verband Region Stuttgart.
Alumni in leadership

“It was always about my abilities here, not my impairment”

Alumni start-ups

Entrepreneur Sofía Ramírez Bernini

TUM Alumni Raymond Wittmann (center) is welcoming the Mexican Ambassador and the Mexican Consul General.
Alumni in leadership

"I'm more than happy to take on this responsibility"

TUM alumnus Dr. Jan Goetz in front of a quantum computer.
Alumni start-ups

“I swapped my academic career for a start-up career overnight”

TUM alumnus Javier Enciso with his daughter, Mariana Enciso.
Alumni start-ups

“I’ve made my dreams a reality”

TUM Ambassador Muriel Médard.
Alumni doing research

“I am a pathological optimist”

TUM Alumni Georgios Piatidis, Athanasios Piatidis and Alexandros Piatidis (from left to right) with their fleet of construction machinery.
TUM Families

"Here we acquired perseverance"

TUM Ambassador Matteo Maestri in his lab at the Politecnico di Milano.
Alumni doing research

"My multicultural network is one of the greatest blessings of my profession"

Thiersch Tower in panorama with the city of Munich.
Objects of TUM

The Thiersch Tower

TUM Alumna Kerstin Prechel during a lecture at HAW Hamburg.
Alumni doing research

"If I am able to encourage just one woman, I have already achieved my goal"

Alumni start-ups

"I want to make a lasting difference in the world"

TUM Alumna Zarah Bruhn.
Alumni start-ups

"I want to revolutionize social entrepreneurship"