The Alumni Newsletter informs you about current events and news from your alma mater.
The Alumni Newsletter informs you about current events and news from your alma mater.

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Alumni Newsletter “TUM Updates”

Current events, news from the TUM Community and tips for your career path

The Alumni Newsletter informs you about current events and news from your alma mater (Picture:

Alumni of TUM

The circle of Alumni of TUM includes all those who have graduated from the Technical University of Munich. This includes bachelor students as well as habilitated students. They remain connected to their alma mater for a lifetime.

Alumni Stories

Actor Ferdinand Hofer

“I have learnt for my acting career from studying”

While studying Ferdinand Hofer has been part of around 25 TV and movie productions as an actor. He is the youngest of Germany’s TV detectives on the Munich-based show ‘Tatort’. He has acquired important key competencies for his role at TUM.

AI Expert Philip Häusser

"You have to venture into the unknown to get ahead"

TUM Alumni Philip Häusser had neither planned to do a doctorate nor to become an entrepreneur. But when the opportunity presented itself, he didn't hesitate. At TUM, he was in good company when it came to breaking new ground.

Music connects

What music means to our alumni

Creative Generalist and Traveller Michael Bartels

“I was so curious about an unknown country”

As a student and Alumni of TUM, Michael Bartels learnt Japanese, studied and worked in Tokyo. His many years of experience in Japan have had a decisive influence on his life and were an important milestone in his professional career.

Photographer Bernhard Edmaier

“My work is an ongoing expedition”

Already in school TUM Alumni Bernhard Edmaier experienced the geography’s books images as insufficient. The geologist turned his hobby into a vocation and uses his photography to show how breathtakingly beautiful inanimate nature is.

Pianist and engineer Sylvia Dankesreiter

“I savour being on stage with a full-sized orchestra“

Engineering in the morning, family in the afternoon, piano performances in the evening. Since childhood TUM Alumna Sylvia Dankesreiter is a passionate musician. Yet, as a young piano virtuoso, she opted for a degree programme at TUM.

Actress Maria Furtwängle

„I am a feminist who started late“

In order to be a full-time actress Dr. Maria Furtwängler has taken off the white doctor’s coat for good. But the contents of her medical studies at TUM still influence her self-conception.

Social Media

@tum.alumni is now on Instagram

On Instagram, the TUM community from all over the world connects with each other. This is where alumni stories and memories of TUM come to life.

Picture: Pexels/Kerde Severin.


Visit of the TUM Campus Heilbronn

Guided Tour,TUM Campus Heilbronn

Guided tour at the "Bildungscampus" with optional participation at the “Heilbronn Fireside Chat”.

Berufsfelder im Fokus: Diversifizierte Automobilzuliefererindustrie


TUM Alumnus Alexander Harlass (M.Sc.Information Systems, Abschluss 2017) gibt Einblicke in die weite Welt eines der größten Tier-1 Automobilzulieferers.

Abenteuer Berufseinstieg


Wir laden Young Alumni in Ihrem ersten Berufsjahr ein, sich mit anderen Berufseinsteigern auszutauschen.

Portrait picture of Boson Stefan Liu and Xing Ye.

Picture: Magdalena Jooß/TUM.

Music connects people and cultures!

TUM alumna Xing Ye introduces you here to the sound of the pipa, the plucked shell-necked lute of classical Chinese music.

Benefits for Alumni

As a TUM Alumni you remain a valuable part of TUM’s worldwide network after your graduation and have the opportunity to benefit from the wide range of services offered by your Alma Mater.


Alumni Newsletter

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The Career Service offers career advice for students, doctoral candidates and alumni (Image: Alexander Gerner/TUM)

Career Counseling

Our Career Service offers professional advice and support in career planning: Career Webinars, Online Application Documents Check, TUM Jobportal and personal advice. A life-long service for all alumni.

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Online Community Forum

The Community Forum is the virtual home of the TUM Family. Here, alumni can find their former fellow students and establish contact again. They can set up an alumni group, maintain their contact details or apply for an alumni e-mail address. Newsletter subscriptions can also be updated here.

The Technical University of Munich's alumni magazine is called KontakTUM and every issue is devoted to current social issues (Image: Sabrina Eisele/TUM).

Alumni Magazine KontakTUM
Get to know visionary alumni and experts in various fields of science and business and learn how they achieved their success.

The alumni magazine is dedicated to different main topics – the focus is always on the individual lives and achievements of TUM alumni.

Alumni Groups

Further Alumni Initiatives

n 2002 TUM established the first foreign branch of a German university in Singapore: the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) – TUM Asia Pte. Ltd., a private enterprise subsidiary of TUM.

Facebook Link TUM Asia Alumni Network

The special feature of the DCAN Network is that it brings together people with complementary needs. Germans who are preparing for a stay in China or are interested in China, and Chinese people who are currently staying in Germany.

Facebook Link of DCAN at TUM e.V.

Picture: Uli Benz/TUM