Alumnus Hanno Renner

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Alumnus Hanno Renner

Alumni of TUM

Hanno Renner financed his studies as a skipper on sailing yachts. Today the TUM Alumnus is the captain of a 500 million dollar start-up. He received the necessary tail wind at the TUM.

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Alumni of TUM

The circle of Alumni of TUM includes all those who have graduated from the Technical University of Munich. This includes bachelor students as well as habilitated students. They remain connected to their alma mater for a lifetime.

Alumni Stories

Olympic champion Klaus Wolfermann

„God has given me an unbelievable sense of ambition“

Only two centimeters. That was all TUM Alumnus Klaus Wolfermann needed for victory. At the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the javelin thrower beat the Latvian favorite, took home the gold medal and wrote sporting history.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess

„Motion is my main passion“

Just a few weeks ago he has reached the top. Since April TUM Alumni Herbert Diess is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Volkswagen Group. A big task, which the 59-year-old engineer takes on with a lot of vigour and passion.

TUM Ambassador Alice Gast

„Science only works internationally“

Alice Gast knows how valuable international cooperation is. The President of Imperial College London has previously worked as a researcher on projects all over the world. Together with TUM President, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, she recently launched a strategic partnership between the two universities.

Top Manager Elisabetta Castiglioni

„I draw the best from different cultures“

After her doctorate at TUM , TUM Alumna Elisabetta Castiglioni decided against a habilitation and for a career in business. Today, the sought-after expert for digitisation has an unparalleled international career in top management.

Innovation expert Marion A. Weissenberger-Eibl

„I am fascinated by how new things come into the world“

After completing her Abitur TUM Alumna Marion A. Weissenberger-Eibl did an apprenticeship as a tailor. Today the futurologist is among the top 100 most influential women in the German economy, and she acts as a consultant to the German government.

GE Chief Innovator Carlos Härtel

„I am inspired by other people’s enthusiasm“

TUM Alumni Dr. Carlos Härtel likes to be inspired by others. Several times throughout his career, the innovation expert has started afresh and embarked on new endeavors. As a mentor, he has been passing on his insights to TUM students for the past nine years.

University Donor Hanns W. Weidinger

„The university has shaped my entire life“

Studying at TUM was the building block of his success as an entrepreneur. Here, Hanns W. Weidinger also met his future wife. As a founding donor of the TUM University Foundation he is now supporting projects in electrical engineering.

Events for Alumni

Abenteuer Führung digital


TUM Alumni in Führungspositionen treffen sich zum kollegialen Austausch

2. Online Alumni & Students Get-Together Stuttgart


Event in German - Ziel der regelmäßigen Meetings - sich gegenseitig zu unterstützen um von der Community zu profitieren

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27 Jan

Abenteuer Berufseinstieg digital


Wir laden Young Alumni in Ihrem ersten Berufsjahr ein, sich mit anderen Berufseinsteigern auszutauschen

Benefits for Alumni

As a TUM Alumni you remain a valuable part of TUM’s worldwide network after your graduation and have the opportunity to benefit from the wide range of services offered by your Alma Mater.

Festively laid table in the ballroom for the Silver and Golden Anniversaries (Image: Photogenika / TUM).

Silber and Golden Jubilee

To celebrate those alumni who earned their diploma or doctorate 25 or 50 years ago, TUM annually organises a ceremony. The jubilarians are presented with an honorary certificate by the president of TUM.

In the TUM Online Community, TUM Alumni can exchange information with each other, no matter where they are in the world (Image: Magdalena Jooß/TUM)

TUM Online Community

The TUM online community is the virtual home of the TUM family. Here, alumni can find their former fellow students and reestablish contact, found a virtual alumni group and exchange ideas with members from all over the world. In addition, alumni can maintain their contact data, publish a resume and apply for an alumni email address.

The Career Service offers career advice for students, doctoral candidates and alumni (Image: Alexander Gerner/TUM)

Career Counseling

Our Career Service offers professional advice and support in career planning: Career Webinars, Online Application Documents Check, TUM Jobportal and personal advice. A life-long service for all alumni.


The Technical University of Munich's alumni magazine is called KontakTUM and every issue is devoted to current social issues (Image: Sabrina Eisele/TUM).

Alumni Magazine KontakTUM
Get to know visionary alumni and experts in various fields of science and business and learn how they achieved their success. The alumni magazine is dedicated to different main topics – the focus is always on the individual lives and achievements of TUM alumni.

Alumni Giving Back

The TUM Family thrives on the mutual support of its members. Our Alumni share their professional and personal experience, organise alumni gatherings and are committed as role models for students and doctoral students. This creates a vibrant intergenerational exchange.

Several alumni with their families at the alumni meeting in Sydney.

In Sydney invites you to a BBQ: Barbara Daxenberger (B. Sc. Mathematics 2010) hosted the second "Dine Around the World" event in Sydney. In sunshine and blue skies, the TUM alumni met with families on Coogee Beach and dined under the TUM anniversary balloons (Image: Barbara Daxenberger).

Alumni Groups

Regional networking works particularly well where alumni are active locally and take on the organisation of alumni meet-ups. In the past the combination of informal get-togethers and one or two special events per year has proven successful. The latter could be a trip to the theatre or attending a concert together or a guided tour of an alumni’s workplace. Some regional alumni groups meet for social activities, such as fundraising for the construction of a playground, or visiting German or international schools to promote the idea of studying at TUM.

Those alumni registered in your region can be contacted by email via the TUM Community. Let us know if you are interested by sending an email to or set up a group in the Online Community.

Promote an existing Alumni Group:

Make yourself known as the contact person for your local group so that alumni in your area are able to find you. You can also set up a group in the Online Community – the easiest way to communicate with each other.

Let us know your event dates so that we can notify interested alumni in your area.

Bringing a regional alumni network to life:

Your alumni network will be particularly active if you organise regular get-togethers at which members can meet and interact. Or you can go on excursions or participate in Alumni Events together. Photos and accounts of meetings can be posted in the Online Community. This way other alumni groups can get inspiration from the activities you hosted.

Further Alumni Initiatives

In 2002 TUM established the first foreign branch of a German university in Singapore: the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) – TUM Asia Pte. Ltd., a private enterprise subsidiary of TUM.

The special feature of the DCAN Network is that it brings together people with complementary needs. Germans who are preparing for a stay in China or are interested in China, and Chinese people who are currently staying in Germany.

Board of Directors

Ms Ying Huang, 1. Vorstand (TUM BWL)

Mr Dr. Yang Ji, 2. Vorstand (TUM Bau GEO Umwelt)

Extended Board of Directors

Mr Stefan Liu (DCAN Website)

Yidi Zhao (photographer)

Facebook of DCAN at TUM e.V.
LinkedIn of DCAN at TUM e.V.

Subject- and Faculty-specific Groups

Here you will find all Alumni Associations and Groups that have been registered with us, sorted by faculty. Should you want to inform us about an unlisted or new Alumni Association, please email us at

Picture: Uli Benz/TUM