TUM Career Day

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TUM Career Day
Career Day

A day dedicated to your career

  • online application workshops
  • online speed datings with companies
  • virtual career lounges with experienced TUM alumni

On January 27th, 2022

Picture: bruce-mars-unsplash.com

Career Service Offers

Current Events

Promovieren mit Industriebezug - Erfahrungen aus der Praxis


TUM Alumna Dr. Katharina Peterwerth promovierte am Lehrstuhl für Messsystem- und Sensortechnik und leitet heute die Organisationsentwicklung bei VW.

Personalized CVs for Applications in Germany


In this webinar you will get an overview of the documents needed for a successful application

Online Career Day - Welcome Session


Introduction of Alumni & Career services and outlook on the day.

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Fast help

Online CV-Check

Just upload your documents and get written feedback from our experts.

Career Counseling by the TUM Career Service

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Effective and personal

Careers Counseling

Support in preparing your application documents and charting your next career step. Call us or send us an e-mail to arrange a personal consultation appointment.

Email: alumniundcareer@tum.de

Career Hotline: +49 89-289 22186 (Mo-Fr, 9 am to 4 pm)

TUM Career Days

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Online Career Days

A day dedicated to your career

Enjoy a full day of career-related events:

  • application workshops
  • online speed dating with companies
  • career lounges with TUM Alumni

The next Online Career Day in the winter semester 2021/2022 will take place on January 27th, 2022.

Career Days Impressions

TUM Career Guide

Our manual on how to apply for jobs for students and alumni

The TUM Career Guide is TUM’s official and free application guidebook. Using many examples, it explains step by step how to draft successful application documents. You will learn the most important strategies for successful job interviews, salary negotiations and starting your career.

Preview of the book (Download 1 MB)

All TUM students and alumni can order the TUM Career Guide free of charge. It will be sent to your home by mail.

TUM Career Guide

Career with doctorate

You have recently completed your doctorate and are now looking for a suitable career start? You need advice around the industry change from university to industry? We support you with our exclusive career program for PhD students and postdocs.

Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM.

Events for doctoral candidates and postdocs

In our webinars specifically for PhD students and postdocs, you will receive support in finding the right job, preparing your application documents, tips on acquiring initial leadership skills, and much more.

Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM.

Mentoring for Scientists

Mentoring for Scientists connects PhD students and postdocs with (international) research alumni, visiting scientists and scholars. The focus is on personal exchange between researchers at different career stages.

Doctoral student explaining her work in front of a blackboard.

Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM.

Interested in an academic career?

You can get information and support here.

For doctoral candidates: www.gs.tum.de/en/doctorate-at-tum

For postdocs: www.tum.de/nc/en/research/postdocs

Looking for role models? These alumni earned their doctorates at TUM

Entrepreneur Miriam Haerst

“To be truly creative, you have to think outside the box of tried and true methods”

Even as a schoolgirl, Miriam Haerst loved working with her hands and assisted her father in his hobby workshop. Her joy in experimenting and coming up with ideas has brought her a long way: from Diploma to Doctorate and finally to starting her own company. Her innovation is a 3D printer that can create individual bone implants from plastic.

Top Manager Klaus Richter

"I had people paving the way who really took empowerment seriously"

TUM Alumni Klaus Richter is a proven expert in the field of Global Procurement and an internationally renowned manager. He owes his career to his solid education in engineering and his curiosity for new things.

Entrepreneur Robert Macsics

"Entrepreneurship is right up my alley."

If someone had told him that he would one day launch a company, TUM Alumni Robert Macsics would have declared them crazy. Today, the consummate scientist is heading a Biotech start-up that develops next-generation antibiotics.

University Donor Franz-Robert Klingan

“Our ambition must be to compete with the very best”

Studying Chemistry at TUM and his doctorate under the later President Wolfgang A. Herrmann are the cornerstones of Franz-Robert Klingan’s career. As a university donor, he now helps to ensure that his Alma Mater can continue to confidently face the future.

Entrepreneurs Miguel Molina Romero and Pedro Gómez

“We want to solve humanity’s biggest problems”

For TUM Alumni Pedro Gómez and Miguel Molina Romero, no challenge is too daunting and no goal too ambitious. With their innovative AI-driven MRI technology, they want to bring about fundamental transformations in the food and agricultural industries.

Gender researcher Alina Gales

“Female participation is of vital importance”

Women are not interested in technology? Nonsense, says TUM Alumna and gender researcher Alina Gales. Women are simply less interested in products in whose development they are less represented because they are made by men for men.

Mentor Viktoria Leonhard

"I don't enjoy boring, routine tasks"

TUM Alumna Viktoria Leonhard never misses out on opportunities for further education and is always on the lookout for new projects. She has twice volunteered her experience as a TUM Mentor. Most recently, she started the Alumni Group Stuttgart. And she does all this alongside her management position at Allianz.

Your Services for a Global Career

Internationale TUM Studierende

International first semester students (Picture: Andreas Heddergott /TUM)

Counseling for a Global Career

Whether you plan to work in Germany or anywhere else in the world – here you will find support in preparing for the job market of your choice

Working in Germany

The TUM Career Service supports all students and alumni wanting to gain work experience in Germany or start their career in this country.

All events related to “Working in Germany” can be found here

Download: Flyer „Working in Germany“

Global Careers

A degree from TUM is a qualification for careers all around the world. We support you in your job search on foreign job markets, in preparing your application documents for other countries and put you in touch with TUM Alumni who have already been working successfully on different continents.

All events related to “Global Careers” can be found here

Information on internships abroad is available at the TUM Global & Alumni Office

TUM Student und TUM Alumnus bilden ein erfolgreiches Mentoring Tandem

TUM Student and TUM Alumnus form a successful mentoring tandem (Picture: Magdalena Jooß/TUM)

Worldwide Network
Professional Experience by the TUM Community

TUM Alumni offer first-hand professional experience and volunteer to students as friendly advisors.

TUM Mentoring Programmes are among the longest and most successful programmes within the TUM Community. For women, the Women of TUM events are specifically tailored to their needs and provide the perfect platform for boosting their careers.

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Anke Graf - Alumni & Career Referentin

Picture: Magdalena Jooß / TUM

Anke Graf

Focus: International Students & graduates

+49 89 289 22605

Picture: Magdalena Jooß /TUM

Claus Schultze-Rhonhof

Focus: Students & graduates

+49 89 289 22138

A portrait picture of Sabrina Eisele.

(Picture: Magdalena Jooß)

Dr. Sabrina Eisele

Focus: PhDs & Postdocs

+49 89 289 22563

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