TUM Alumna Freia Jung-Klein

TUM Alumni Freia Jung-Klein fights with persistence and self-confidence for the protection of the nature. The local politician of the Greens refuses to be silenced or to stop asking uncomfortable questions (Image: Private).

TUM Alumna Freia Jung-Klein
Alumna Freia Jung-Klein is one of many TUM alumni who are committed to protecting nature

TUM Alumni Freia Jung-Klein fights with persistence and self-confidence for the protection of the nature. The local politician of the Greens refuses to be silenced or to stop asking uncomfortable questions (Image: Private).

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a core topic of TUM’s development agenda. All members of the entire university across all disciplines should live the process of ecological, economic and social sustainability through their daily actions. Many alumni have been doing this for a long time with their companies and research.

Founder Lukas Wiesmeier, Karl Schulz und Bilal Tariq

“Without TUM, our company would not exist.”

An idea on the topic of sustainability gave rise to the multi-award-winning start-up Angsa Robotics. The TUM Alumni had not planned to set up a company. Their goal was simply to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Sustainability expert Nikita Jayswal

"I am a problem solver"

There’s no climate demonstration and no Earth Day taking place without TUM alumna Nikita Jayswal. With admirable power, the young engineer is avidly campaigning for greater sustainability. Which not rarely meets with resistance – and spurs her on all the more.

Climate Protection Activist Alexander Eichberger

"I used to have completely different values"

TUM Alumni Alexander Eichberger used to be a successful entrepreneur. Virtually overnight, he became a climate protection activist. He sold his company and has since volunteered in climate protection.

"The passion for the idea has to always be greater than the fear of the risk"

Entrepreneur Sofía Ramírez Bernini

TUM Alumna Sofía Ramírez Bernini aspires to help shape the future of her Caribbean homeland and the world. With her start-up, she is developing technologies to produce energy in a sustainable and carbon-negative way.

TUM Ambassador David Lapola

Uncovering the Secrets of the Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is the workplace of TUM Ambassador David Lapola. As a cooperation partner in Brazil, the professor is conducting research together with a team from TUM on a unique experiment and wants to find out what influence climate change has on the rainforest.

Social Geodesist Uchendu Eugene Chigbu

"A good idea can improve people's lives"

TUM Alumnus Uchendu Eugene Chigbu is passionately pursuing his dream. By promoting secure land tenure knowledge and practices, he hopes to eliminate land injustices and promote productive economies in Africa's rural areas. At TUM, he realized that he could achieve that as a scientist.

Entrepreneurs Michael Wax and Erik Muttersbach

"We take our responsibility very seriously"

If politicians had the same conviction and uncompromising approach as TUM Alumni Michael Wax and Erik Muttersbach, the ongoing climate crisis would be a thing of the past. With their start-up, they intend to digitize global trade and in the process make it climate-neutral.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brück and student Tabea Riemensperger beim Tischgespräch zur Nachhaltigkeit (Bild: Magdalena Jooß/TUM).

The Round Table on Sustainability

“We can make the world a better place”

In an attempt to capture the various aspects of sustainability, we have brought together four experts, who each contribute in their own unique way to more sustainability in the world.

Successful around the World 

Picture: Smart Dharma.

Insights from Mumbai

TUM Alumna Snehat Munhol is driving the development of a sustainable future.

Picture: Hannes Geipel.

Insights from Brussels

TUM Alumna Diana Schneider introduces design thinking to German companies.

Alumni tips


Dr. Viktoria Leonhard tells us in the Career Podcast how young professionals master their first leadership role (in German). 

TUM Alumna and mentor Dr. Viktoria Leonhard (Picture: Viktoria Leonhard).

Social Media

@tum.alumni is now on Instagram

On Instagram, the TUM community from all over the world connects with each other. This is where alumni stories and memories of TUM come to life.

Graphics: dietrabanten. Image: Verena Schmöller/TUM.

Alumni Magazine KontakTUM

KontakTUM Magazine is published twice annually and is available in both German and English as a download or in printed form. On about 70 pages, each issue of the alumni magazine is dedicated to a different topic – always focusing on the individual lives and achievements of our TUM Alumni.

Current Issue

Why we love Challenges
The current KontakTUM devotes 68 pages to the topic of challenges.

We portray alumni from the TUM community, each of whom is mastering very different challenges: astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is training for her second stay on the ISS, rainforest researcher David Lapola, who is working to protect this important ecosystem, and TUM students who are researching the technology of the future.

TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann visits the founders of the TUM start-up Isar Aerospace, who have developed a very successful company from a student project in a very short time and will soon launch the first German small rocket into space.

David Lapola in the yellow T-shirt talks to a staff member holding a laptop in the jungle.

Picture: João M. Rosa/AmazonFACE.

Uncovering the Secrets of the Rainforest

TUM Ambassador David Lapola conducts research on a unique experiment in the Amazon rainforest.

Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM.

Out of University and Straight Into Orbit

TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann visits Isar Aerospace, a company founded by TUM alumni.

A man is doing a handstand on a rock.

Picture: Pexels/Sam Kolder.

Do You Like Challenges?

What do you do when faced with new projects or tasks? TUM alumni revealed this to us in a survey.

Portrait image of TUM alumna Samantha Cristoforetti.

Picture: ESA/A. Conigli.

Train for Space

How TUM alumna Samantha Cristoforetti is preparing for her second mission on the International Space Station.

Porträtbild von TUM Alumna Zarah Bruhn.

Picture: Google.org.

Zarah Bruhn Helps Refugees

The TUM alumna runs a successful non-profit company and is currently specifically supporting people from Ukraine.

Portrait photos of the alumni in a collage.

Pictures: Magdalena Jooß/TUM (Bartels, Fürst, Tomic), Roland Niepaul (Peterwerth).

How do You do this?

Four alumni tell us about extraordinary situations in their lives and how they dealt with them.

Impressions from the TUM family

Image: Astrid Eckert/TUM.

Where will you get your strength and energy from?

Let yourself be inspired: The Women of TUM Talks on the topic of “Power, Strength and Energy” – now on YouTube!

You can find the portraits of the speakers here>

TUM Magazines

 An issue of the science magazine with a coffee mug.

Faszination Forschung

The magazine “Faszination Forschung” offers interesting insights into the world of research at our university and highlights the latest scientific achievements.

Titelseite TUMcampus 2/22: "Wissenschaft lebt von Verbindungen in die Welt"

University Magazine TUMcampus

The magazine informs about campus life, university policy, teaching and science and the people who are making TUM what it is. 


Picture: Uli Benz/TUM


(Picture: Magdalena Jooß)

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