TUM Community is the free communication platform of Technical University of Munich network (hereinafter “Operator”). This platform is open to all persons connected with the TUM and reflects the interests of all its members.

TUM Community is designed to create an environment to which all members can contribute and where all users feel comfortable. The following rules shall apply to the conduct of users (“Users”), to contents of profiles and groups, images and links as well as all data accessible through the network:

1. Polite conduct and respectful interaction among the Users are essential to TUM Community
Please remember that Users are human beings and keep the following in mind:

Think carefully before posting messages
When you share messages in social media with people you often do not know, the risk of misunderstandings is particularly high. So think carefully whether you have chosen the right words and presented your request clearly. In particular, please pay attention not to hurt or insult other Users, whether intentionally or by mistake. Try to refrain from humorous or sarcastic language to avoid misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Your posts speak for themselves
You should always bear in mind that most users do not know you and will judge you by what you write.

Respect other opinions and avoid verbal attacks
TUM Community covers a plethora of topics and interests. Its users represent a multitude of ways of life, religions and culture. Please do not send insulting or impolite posts, neither to groups nor to individual users.

Ignore impolite posts of other users
Even when you have been attacked personally, it is best to just ignore the attack. Do neither comment controversial posts nor send messages to the sender. You should settle any arguments or disagreements by using your personal message function or email, never publicly in a group.

2. Users are responsible for all publications (data, information, pictures, etc.) and any consequences
Please check the copyrights for all posts you intend to submit, post or display and do not publish any content you do not have the necessary rights for. For any publications involving third parties you require their approval. Data published on the network by other Users may not be reproduced. Please think carefully which personal data you wish to share on TUM Community. Any information you provide in profiles or groups must be true and accurate.
3. Please comply with the applicable legal regulations and do not publish illegal texts, pictures, images and/or commercial ads.
Commercial advertising is not permitted on TUM Community. Users must refrain from repeatedly sending messages (spamming und stalking) if recipients have advised them that they do not wish to receive such messages. Please refer to the Terms of Use for further information.
4. In case of non-compliance with the above regulations and guidelines of this code of conduct, the Operator
  • will warn the User, suspend, discontinue or even terminate that User’s profile;
  • retains the right, in case of a serious breach committed by a User, to terminate the User’s profile following an interview with the User, or to terminate a group with immediate effect and without warning;
  • retains the right to delete comments. A discussion on deleted comments is not permitted.
  • For any legal details, please visit the Privacy Statement at: and the Terms of Use at
5. Report misuse
In case you detect content on TUM Community that you believe is not in compliance with netiquette, the Terms of Use or the Privacy Statement, please report this by email to This does not mean that content you reported will automatically be deleted. As a result of TUM Community’s manifold topics it may well be the case that you find content displeasing or objectionable which, however, does not qualify for removal from the site.
Have fun with TUM Community!