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Irrtümer im Bewerbungsprozess


Typische Fehler vermeiden und sich nicht auf Halbwissen im Bewerbungsprozess verlassen

Acing Your Job Interview in Germany


A job interview is tricky for everybody but especially challenging for international students because of intercultural differences

Social Media for Networking and Jobhunting


Learn about the best practices for networking on social media

Global Minds - Bewerben und Arbeiten in USA/UK


Webinar with field reports in cooperation with the TUM Language Center

Bewerbung und Jobsuche in Pandemiezeiten


Erfahrungsberichte und ausgewählte Studien zur aktuellen Bewerbungs- und Rekrutierungssituation

Erwartungen an Young Professionals


Wie wichtig ist der Erwerb von Schlüsselkompetenzen in den ersten Berufsjahren?

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Your Future in Mind

Career Events

The Career Events offer students and alumni opportunities for professional orientation and to acquire key skills.

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Online Career Day

December 8 – Online Speed Dating with Companies

As part of the Online Career Day, you can get to know the participating companies and present yourself in ten-minute short talks.

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Intergenerational Learning

Mentoring Events

At TUM Mentoring alumni share their professional and personal experience with TUM students and doctoral students. In workshops and webinars they share their know-how and insights.

Vivat TUM Concert with the TUM Family

Konzert Vivat TUM in der Philharmonie im Gasteig

Vivat TUM Concert 2019 in the Philharmonie im Gasteig (Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM)

The annual Advent Concerts at TUM in the Philharmonic Hall at Munich’s Gasteig music venue are bringing together the entire TUM Family. Alumni, first-year students and their parents, as well as the members of Bund der Freunde der TUM are invited to the Vivat TUM concert in the afternoon.

Unfortunately no Vivat TUM Concert in 2020

Due to the current situation, the university management of the Technical University of Munich has decided to cancel the Advent concerts 2020 in the Philharmonie im Gasteig. We hope to welcome the whole TUM Family in the concert hall next year.

Gold Jubilar beim President´s Dinnert 2019

Golden jubilee at the President´s Dinner (Picture:

Silver and Golden Jubilee

Alumni Anniversary Celebrations

You have graduated from TUM 25 or 50 years ago with a diploma or doctorate? Then we would like to invite you to celebrate your Silver or Golden Jubilee with us.


Women of TUM Talks

The annual Women of TUM Talks are designed to inspire and encourage. They provide a stage for the women of TUM and make role models visible. And they encourage them to pursue their own goals.

The Women of TUM TUM community currently comprises 15,468 female students, 110 female professors and many TUM alumnae.

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Fascinating Egypt

TUM Alumni Trip to Cairo

Next year the 6-day TUM Alumni Trip – initiated by alumnus Falk Lamkewitz – will take you to Cairo.

Local TUM Alumni like Prof. Dr. Amal Abdou, the researchers Heba und Yasmine Aguib, as well as the spouses Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz and Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif, are already looking forward to the tour group and will give their fellow travellers a first-hand impression of their home country. An exact date of the trip is not yet fixed. Originally planned for October 18 to 23, 2020, the 6-day TUM Alumni Trip has now been postponed to spring 2021.

Itinerary TUM Alumni Trip

Die TUM Alumni geht 2021 nach Kairo. Dort werden unter anderem die Pyramiden von Gizeh mit der TUM Alumni Reisegruppe besichtigt.
In the afternoon you will fly from Munich to the Nile metropolis with Egypt Air. On arrival at Cairo Airport, TUM Liaison Officer Heba Afifi will welcome you with a warm “Ahlan wa sahlan”, the Egyptian greeting. Together you will drive to the hotel in the city centre, located near Tahrir Square – the hot spot of the revolution in 2011. After moving into your room, the group will come together again for a welcome drink at the hotel bar.

Alumni Reise Kairo Ägypten Pyramiden
You have seen them countless times in pictures, now you are physically facing them: the Pyramids of Giza! Gods, graves and building theories offer plenty of topics for conversation in view of the venerable Pyramid of Khufu. The Sphinx, telling of its ongoing fight against erosion, takes you on a journey through time to ancient Egypt. You will enjoy an atmospheric lunch with delicious fish on the rooftop terrace of Christos. View of the Pyramids is included! On the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, architect Imhotep, a high official under Pharaoh Djoser, experimented with new building ideas. His steps made of stone leading up towards the sky are impressive. This architectural experience can be made even sweeter accompanied by fresh dates from the nearby grove. The evening is dedicated to enjoying oriental sounds, spices and perfumes at the vibrant Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. 

Early in the morning, you will make your way through Cairo’s busy streets to New Cairo in the east. The sound of honking cars, old donkey carts, crowded buses and busy greengrocers on rickety bicycles will accompany you on your journey. The driver, familiar with the morning traffic, makes his way to New Cairo, one of the new cities founded under Husni Mubarak in 2000 in order to relieve the congestion in downtown Cairo.

At the campus of the German University (GUC) TUM Alumni Dr. Ahmed Elguindy will welcome you. He will lead you through the GUC Solar City, which was officially opened in 2016 and represents a unique all-in-one model for sustainable energy solutions. Afterwards, TUM Alumni Dr. Wessam El-Baz will be waiting for you at the American University (AUC). This renowned university’s campus impresses with its size and its remarkably designed courtyard. As a snack in between there will be sandwiches, the Egyptian way: flat bread filled with falafel, tourmeya  and mixed pickles. With renewed strength, Dr. Ahmed Elguindy and Dr. Wessam El-Baz will then show you their start-up company Nexus Analytica, where they successfully implement their many years of expertise in the energy sector.

“New Capital” is calling! After driving a bit further towards the desert, you will soon see the silhouette of a new mosque. A giant building at the gateway to the new, still unnamed capital of Egypt. Based on the model of the high-tech cities on the Gulf, 40 billion euros are being invested to build the pre-planned city “New Capital”. The new parliament, the presidential palace, embassies and 36 ministries form the new governmental city of Abd al-Fattah as-Sisi’s government and should soon be ready for occupancy. You will meet with TUM Alumna Nadine Nassif, who is currently managing a major project of the Central Bank of Egypt in “New Capital”, and TUM Alumni Ahmed ElGarem, who works for Synapse Analytics. Full of new impressions, you will return to the “old” capital in the evening. During dinner, you will be able to recapture your experiences together over numerous small Egyptian specialties.

Every day, 18 million people are pushing their way through mirrored skyscrapers, art nouveau villas, satellite towns, bazaars and shopping malls. You are heading towards the SEKEM farm near Belbeis, in the north-east of Cairo. Since 1977, Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish’s SEKEM Initiative has been committed to a holistic approach to sustainable development. On the guided tour of the estate you will learn how SEKEM establishes biodynamic farming methods as a competitive solution, supports individual development through holistic education and medical care, and invests in sustainable development through research. During lunch together on the farm there will be time for interesting discussions.

On the way back you will visit the Citadel of Saladin and of course the famous Muhammad Ali Mosque. It quickly becomes clear why it is also called the “Alabaster Mosque”. The views of the city are stunning! In the evening during a boat trip around the island of El-Gesirah you will experience Cairo from the perspective of the Nile. With a picnic and oriental music you will get to enjoy the impressive skyline.

The call of the muezzin will wake you up in the morning! Former TUM Liaison Officer Heba Afifi will start the day with a touching subject: From the perspective of an Egyptian woman, she will talk about the political and economic developments in her country since the revolution in 2011. Philippe Maupai, economic advisor to the German Embassy, has also announced his visit to this  round table.

Afterwards you will be transported back to the ancient world! The Egyptian Museum is only a stone’s throw away from the hotel. Here Heba will bring the idols of ancient Egypt back to life based on the 5000 years of history presented to you. Lunch Break – You will mingle with the locals and eat Chicken Shawarma with delicious Tahina and Thomeya sauce fresh from the grill.

In the afternoon TUM Alumna Prof. Amal Abdou will take you on a walk following the traces of El Moez Street’s architecture, the oldest street in Egypt. A true open-air museum full of splendid medieval treasures from the Islamic world. The grand finale of this trip is the international TUM Alumni dinner with a view over the megacity! Spouses Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz and Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif and other Cairo-based TUM Alumni are looking forward to a beautiful evening with you!

After five days filled with precious memories and experiences it is time to say goodbye to Cairo. After breakfast you will be driven to Cairo Airport. Together with the other alumni you will take an Egypt Air flight back to Munich with plenty of unforgettable impressions to bring home.

Datei: Anmeldeformular TUM Alumni Reise nach Kairo 2021
    • Time frame: spring 2021 – 6 days (exact dates to follow)
    • Airline: Egypt Air
    • Tour operator: Mondius Travel “Persönlichkeit auf Reisen”
    • Hotel: Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Kairo****
    • Group size: 25 – 30 people – partners of TUM Alumni are welcome to join
    • Price per person: from 1.690 € double room / from 1.990 € single room
On this trip you will meet the following alumni
TUM Alumna Prof. Amal Abdou

TUM Alumna Prof. Amal Abdou at the Women of TUM Seminar "Connect for Success" in 2012 (Astrid Eckert/TUM)

TUM Alumni Prof. Amal Abdou

Discovering Cairo’s Architectural Treasures

Explore the architecture of El Moez Street, the oldest street in Egypt, with TUM Alumna Prof. Amal Abdou. A true open-air museum filled with splendid medieval treasures from the Islamic world.

TUM Alumni Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz und Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif

TUM Alumni Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz und Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif with their daugther (Picture: private)

Spouses Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz and Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif 

Internationales TUM Alumni Dinner

At the international TUM Alumni dinner with a view over the megacity you will meet the dedicated alumni couple Prof. Dr. Inas Abdelaziz and Prof. Dr. Hossam Sherif and many other TUM Alumni living in Cairo.

Forscherinnen Yasmine und Heba Aguib

Yasemine and Heba Aguib (Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM)

TUM Alumni Heba and Yasimen Aguib

Getting to know female scientists from Egypt

On this trip you will have the opportunity to meet successful TUM Alumni such as the researchers Dr. Heba Aguib and Dr. Yasmine Aguib and talk to them about topics such as interdisciplinarity, cultural exchange and promising international research projects.

Trip Details at a Glance
    • Time frame: spring 2021 – 6 days (exact dates to follow)
    • Airline: Egypt Air
    • Tour operator: Mondius Travel “Persönlichkeit auf Reisen”
    • Hotel: Steigenberger Hotel El Tahrir Kairo****
    • Group size: 25 – 30 people – partners of TUM Alumni are welcome to join
    • Price per person: from 1.690 € double room / from 1.990 € single room
    • Registration form
Falk Lamkewitz

Picture: Falk Lamkewitz (private)

TUM Alumni Falk Lamkewitz (Diploma Electrical and Computer Engineering 1977)

is the initiator of the TUM Alumni Trip to Cairo. He has already taken part in several alumni trips and is well aware that the time spent at TUM creates a special relationship of trust and opens up unique insights into other countries and cultures.

Get in touch with him and other alumni in the Online TUM Community.

Picture: Uli Benz/TUM