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Women of TUM

The international Women´s Network of the Technical University of Munich


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The Women of TUM are an inclusive and lively network that is growing rapidly and connects women* worldwide and across disciplines. 18,325 female students, 120 female professors, and with each year more and more alumnae.

Our events are open to all members of the TUM Community.


Upcoming Women of TUM Events

Inclusive Mindset Talk on Mobility - Disability - Inclusive Design

Panel Discussion/Forum

Network with TUM Alum from different generations, nationalities, and backgrounds, and exchange ideas and experiences about inclusive mindset

Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum

Leisure Event,Other

Lockerer Austausch im Theaterrestaurant mit anschließendem Besuch des Stücks von Heinrich Böll

Job Prospects in Germany for International Students
05 Jun

Job Prospects in Germany for International Students


In this webinar series, you will meet international TUM Alum who have successfully transitioned to the German job market upon graduation.

Make your Dreams Come True


How to stop daydreaming, create a plan of action and turn your visions into reality

TUM Start-ups: Meet & Talk – Insights from Vectoflow

,TUM Campus München

In this series of events organized by TUMentrepreneurship and TUM Mentoring, TUM alumni provide a look behind the scenes of their young companies. This time with TUM alumna Katharina Kreitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Vectoflow.

Job Prospects in Germany for International Students
07 Jul

Job Prospects in Germany for International Students


In this webinar series, you will meet international TUM Alum who have successfully transitioned to the German job market upon graduation.

TUM Women stories

Sustainability expert Nikita Jayswal

"I am a problem solver"

There’s no climate demonstration and no Earth Day taking place without TUM alumna Nikita Jayswal. With admirable power, the young engineer is avidly campaigning for greater sustainability. Which not rarely meets with resistance – and spurs her on all the more.

Mentoring Tandem Tsvetana Marinova and Samiddha Mukherjee

"Ours is an extraordinary friendship"

It's a match on all counts: Mentor Tsvetana Marinova and mentee Samiddha Mukherjee are indeed a perfect team. The two TUM Alumnae have developed a friendship that goes far beyond a conventional mentorship. Together, they are now launching an event series at TUM.

Podcast with TUM Alumna Dr. Viktoria Leonhard (in German)

"To lead well, you have to like people."

The job entry has been successfully completed and now you can move on. How do you get your first management position? What qualifications are crucial? What does the daily routine of a manager look like? And is leadership actually fun?

Podcast with TUM Alumna Marwa El Hefnawy

"You're personal skills are important, too."

For anyone moving from academia to an industrial company, it is important to understand how personnel selection procedures work in industry and which qualifications are particularly valued here.

Architect and Urban Planner Doris Zoller

"Climate Change Mitigation is the biggest challenge in housing"

TUM Alumna Doris Zoller has always found herself in male-dominated environments. However, for her this is not an issue. As a strategic planner for the Housing Department of the City of Munich, she carries out her duties with seasoned poise. Her time at TUM further honed her knack for networking and her readiness to embrace new ideas.

"The passion for the idea has to always be greater than the fear of the risk"

Entrepreneur Sofía Ramírez Bernini

TUM Alumna Sofía Ramírez Bernini aspires to help shape the future of her Caribbean homeland and the world. With her start-up, she is developing technologies to produce energy in a sustainable and carbon-negative way.

Professor Kerstin Prechel

"If I am able to encourage just one woman, I have already achieved my goal"

TUM Alumna Kerstin Prechel worked her way up to international management, to being a professor and an entrepreneur. And she did so even though neither her parents nor her grandparents went to university. Now her goal is to encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

Past talks
The annual Women of TUM Talks inspire and encourage. They offer TUM women a stage and thus make role models visible. And they encourage them to pursue their own goals.

Review Women of TUM Talks 2021

„Topic: Power, Strength & Energy“ 

This year, three female speakers gave impulses on the topic of Power, Strength & Energy and discuss personal as well as professional insights.

Watch the recording

Review Women of TUM Talks 2020

„Topic: Motivation”

This year’s female speakers from the sciences, business and sports shared and discussed personal and professional insights and gave advice on the topic: Why are people motivated differently? Can motivation be learnt? How do I motivate my team?

Watch the video on YouTube now!

Speakers of the Women of TUM Talks 2020 (Sabrina von Nessen, Prof. Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow, Dr. Vanessa Wergin) - Topic: Motivation (Image: Astrid Eckert/TUM)

In need of motivation? The Women of TUM Talks 2020 on the topic of motivation – now on Youtube!

Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM

Patroness Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus

Claudia Peus is Professor of Research and Science Management and Executive Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity at TUM. Since 2019 she is the patroness of the Women of TUM Network.

Women of TUM Talks 2019 - "Codes, Big Data and AI - The Digitalised World Says Hi" - Speaker Laura-Luisa Velikonja (Picture: Astrid Eckert / TUM).


Female Experts Wanted!

You are working in an exciting professional field and would like to share your experience with the other Women of TUM?

Pictures of Women of TUM

Alumni & Career Referentin Anke Graf

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Anke Graf

Women of TUM Network

+49 89 289 22605

Rebecca Körner

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Rebecca Körner

Women of TUM Network

+49 89 289 29071

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