Women of TUM Netzwerk: Afterwork Talk mit TUM ALumna Maria Jose Barragan Paladines,  Wissenschaftsdirektorin der Charles Darwin Foundation auf den Galapagosinseln; Vorhoelzer Forum
Women of TUM Netzwerk: Afterwork Talk mit TUM ALumna Maria Jose Barragan Paladines,  Wissenschaftsdirektorin der Charles Darwin Foundation auf den Galapagosinseln; Vorhoelzer Forum

Women of TUM – A network for women

The Women of TUM are a lively network that is growing rapidly and connects women worldwide and across disciplines. 15,468 female students, 110 female professors, and with each year more and more female alumni. 



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Upcoming Women of TUM Events

Women on Boards

Panel Discussion/Forum,Online

Whether it is a position on an advisory board or a board of directors, in this panel discussion TUM Alumnae tell you about their journey to the top

Women of TUM online Afterwork – Against all Odds: How to become a Professor


Thriving in your career despite structural disadvantages and persistently pursuing your passions regardless of hurdles and challenges.

Recognizing and Conquering Impostor Syndrome


How to overcome self-doubt and celebrate yourself and your achievements

TUM Women stories

Architect Lavinia Herzog

“I am interested in the questions that lie in between the different topics”

Her designs for urban open spaces allow TUM Alumna Lavinia Herzog to roam in the undefined area between nature and art. The love for architecture and design was given to her by her parents, the expertise she acquired at TUM.

Professor Kerstin Prechel

"If I am able to encourage just one woman, I have already achieved my goal"

TUM Alumna Kerstin Prechel worked her way up to international management, to being a professor and an entrepreneur. And she did so even though neither her parents nor her grandparents went to university. Now her goal is to encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

Social Entrepreneur Zarah Bruhn

"I want to revolutionize social entrepreneurship"

TUM Alumna Zarah Bruhn had originally wanted to become an investment banker. Now she is a social entrepreneur. With her non-profit company socialbee, she integrates refugees into society in a lasting way. But there is more she has in mind.

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti

Training for the Most Challenging Workplace in the Universe

Her workplace is six rocket hours away from Earth, with 1,200 cubic meters about the size of a small workshop, and orbits the Earth once in about 94 minutes. TUM alumna and astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will embark on another mission on the International Space Station in spring 2022.

Track Athlete Christina Hering

"As an athlete, it's important to invest in education"

TUM Alumna Christina Hering has two degrees under her belt and competed twice in the Olympic Games. Through her education at TUM, she is feeling well prepared for a career in the workplace after competing in sports at the highest level.

Entrepreneur Miriam Haerst

“To be truly creative, you have to think outside the box of tried and true methods”

Even as a schoolgirl, Miriam Haerst loved working with her hands and assisted her father in his hobby workshop. Her joy in experimenting and coming up with ideas has brought her a long way: from Diploma to Doctorate and finally to starting her own company. Her innovation is a 3D printer that can create individual bone implants from plastic.

Astrophysicist Elisa Resconi

"Science and the Arts are what defines our culture"

Elisa Resconi studies the universe's smallest elementary particles. In order to make her complex research more accessible to the general public, the TUM Professor is taking an unusual approach: she uses artwork to illustrate her findings.

Past talks
The annual Women of TUM Talks inspire and encourage. They offer TUM women a stage and thus make role models visible. And they encourage them to pursue their own goals.

Review Women of TUM Talks 2021

„Topic: Power, Strength & Energy“ 

This year, three female speakers gave impulses on the topic of Power, Strength & Energy and discuss personal as well as professional insights.

Watch the recording

Review Women of TUM Talks 2020

„Topic: Motivation”

This year’s female speakers from the sciences, business and sports shared and discussed personal and professional insights and gave advice on the topic: Why are people motivated differently? Can motivation be learnt? How do I motivate my team?

Watch the video on YouTube now!

Speakers of the Women of TUM Talks 2020 (Sabrina von Nessen, Prof. Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow, Dr. Vanessa Wergin) - Topic: Motivation (Image: Astrid Eckert/TUM)

In need of motivation? The Women of TUM Talks 2020 on the topic of motivation – now on Youtube!

Review Women of TUM Talks 2019

„Codes, Big Data & AI – The Digitalised World Says Hi“

Three Women of TUM from the sciences and business gave insights into their working environments and careers, which rely on software, data and artificial intelligence.

Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM

Patroness Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus

Claudia Peus is Professor of Research and Science Management and Executive Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity at TUM. Since 2019 she is the patroness of the Women of TUM Network.

Women of TUM Talks 2019 - "Codes, Big Data and AI - The Digitalised World Says Hi" - Speaker Laura-Luisa Velikonja (Picture: Astrid Eckert / TUM).


Female Experts Wanted!

You are working in an exciting professional field and would like to share your experience with the other Women of TUM?

Pictures of Women of TUM

Alumni & Career Referentin Anke Graf

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Anke Graf

Women of TUM Network

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