Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges

Celebrating 15 Years of Women of TUM

15 years of a dynamic and inclusive women’s network at TUM

Review of the Anniversary Celebration

Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM

Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges: Celebrating 15 Years of Women of TUM

Under the title Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges, the TUM Women’s Network celebrated its 15th anniversary on April 10, 2024.

The jubilee was celebrated with a festive event, featuring a panel discussion, a speed networking, and a get-together, providing a platform for inspiration, exchange, and networking.

Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM


6.00 pm – 6.30 pm Arrival and Admission

6.30 pm – 6.35 pm Welcome by Host Jamie Gräfe, TUM Alumni & Career

6.35 pm – 6.45 pm Greetings by Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Patron of Women of TUM

6.45 pm – 6.55 pm Greetings by Dr. Hannemor Keidel, former Patron of Women of TUM

6.55 pm – 7.40 pm Panel Discussion on the Topic of Career Paths of Successful Women with

  • Emerita Angelika Schnieke, Former Professorship of Livestock Biotechnology TUM School of Life Sciences
  • Silke Maurer, Chief Operating Officer (COO) MTU Aero Engines
  • Sarah Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO of tozero

7.40 pm – 8.00 pm Speed-Networking

8.00 pm – 9.00 pm Get-together with food and drinks

Foundation of the Women of TUM
At an alumni seminar in Singapore on September 4, 2009, eight international TUM alumnae took the initiative and founded the Women of TUM network. The goal was set to promote exchange among women of TUM and thereby strengthen the alumni network and the connection to TUM.

From the desire to connect women and learn from each other, a dynamic, international network has developed within 15 years, which now reaches around 12,000 women beyond the TUM community.

The founding committee (from left to right): Karen Teo (Singapore), Diyana Kostovska (Bulgaria), Aliya Moldagazyyeva (Kazakhstan), Dr. Tatyana Vlasyuk (Russia), Iman Emam Omar Gomaa (Egypt), Linlin Meng (China), Dr. Gabriela Iulia David (Romania), Prof. Ying Zhang (China) (Picture: Jadhav).

The then spokesperson of the Women of TUM network, Prof. Ying Zhang, called for joining the network in the 2009 alumni magazine KontakTUM and stated:

“We, like you, have studied, obtained our doctorates, and worked at TUM. […] We want to exchange ideas and opinions and support each other in our activities and life paths. In our women’s network, we can discuss topics that specifically concern us as women, such as female career strategies […]. Above all, we can also encourage young women who are interested in studying.”