TUM Ambassadors and audience at the Advent concert Vivat TUM 2018 in the Munich Philharmonic Hall
TUM Ambassadors and audience at the Advent concert Vivat TUM 2018 in the Munich Philharmonic Hall

The Research Alumni Network of TUM

TUM Research Alumni: This refers to all the scientists who have been guests at TUM over the past decades and have enriched the university with their expertise and international experience.

TUM Ambassadors and audience at the Advent concert Vivat TUM 2018 in the Munich Philharmonic Hall (Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

TUM Research Alumni in Action

Scientists Only

Mentoring for Scientists connects (international) Research Alumni and guest scientists to doctoral students and postdocs. The focus here is on the personal exchange between researchers at different career levels.

TUM Ambassador Amaresh Chakrabarti is involved in the TUM Mentoring for Scientists: He invited his mentee Paul Bockelmann for a research stay in India (Picture: Astrid Eckert/TUM).

TUM Ambassadors

Many international researchers have contributed their expertise and experience to our university over the past decades. Since 2013, selected international top researchers have annually been awarded with the honorary title “TUM Ambassador“.

Research Alumni in Portrait

TUM Ambassador Polly Arnold

„We all have a bias towards men“

Polly Arnold is one of the leading specialists in the field of synthetic chemistry and a strong supporter of young female scientists. As feminist influencer she addresses the under-representation of women in science linking it to the “unconscious bias” we all have.

TUM Ambassador Alice Gast

„Science only works internationally“

Alice Gast knows how valuable international cooperation is. The President of Imperial College London has previously worked as a researcher on projects all over the world. Together with TUM President, Wolfgang A. Herrmann, she recently launched a strategic partnership between the two universities.

TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl

„TUM is a wonderful place for interdisciplinary research“

Today TUM Ambassador Anca Muscholl is an internationally esteemed researcher, who wants to make software better and more secure with her algorithms. Her way into computer science research started at TUM.

Medical couple Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif

„Medicine is our passion“

Inas Abdelaziz and Hossam Sherif were able to advance their research work at TUM thanks to a postdoc scholarship. Despite great cultural differences, they and their German colleagues had a common goal in mind: to help people.

Chemist Fun Man Fung

„Learning has to be fun“

Fun Man Fung completed his Master in Industrial Chemistry at TUM Asia. He was delighted to find passionate professors from all over the world there. Today he teaches at the university himself and uses technology-based methods to make teaching truly sustainable.

TUM Research Alumna Yana Bromberg

„I want to use Bioinformatics to cure diseases“

It would be possible to make a movie about her: born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, Yana Bromberg worked her way up and today she is a globally successful professor. She also has strong ties to TUM.

TUM Ambassador Subhasis Chaudhuri

„I have gained both a research partner and a friend“

Subhasis Chaudhuri enjoys being a guest at TUM. Here, the top researcher in the field of image processing has been able to significantly expand the scope of his pioneering work. Thanks to his research, it will probably soon be possible to touch virtual objects.

For TUM Employees

You would like to recommend someone as a TUM Ambassador?

All you need to do is fill in the form and send it to isabel.werdin(at)tum.de. Perhaps your guests will be awarded next year. More information about the relevant criteria can be found in the document.

In the brochure, TUM presents various research alumni (Image: Humboldt Foundation / Robert Schlesinger).

Brochure of Research Alumni

Thanks to an award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, TUM has been able to invite research alumni to the TUM Network in a targeted way since 2013. To this date several hundreds have taken up the invitation. This initiative to expand the TUM Network was presented in the brochure “Once a Guest, Forever a Friend”.

Group picture of the participants in front of the building of TUM Asia in Singapore

TUM Research Alumni Conference 2017 in Singapore (Picture: TUM Asia, Alumni & Career / TUM).

TUM Research Alumni Conference

Living and Mobility in Smart Cities

In August 2017, the first TUM Researcher-Alumni Conference on “Living and Mobility in Smart Cities” took place at TUMCREATE in Singapore. The interdisciplinary conference for TUM Research Alumni in Southeast Asia was made possible and sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Cover Proceedings 1st TUM Research Alumni Conference - Living and Mobility in Smart cities, Singapur 2017 (Bild: TUM.University Press).

Cover Proceedings 1st TUM Research Alumni Conference - Living and Mobility in Smart cities, Singapur 2017 (Bild: TUM.University Press).

1st TUM Research Alumni Conference

Proceedings: Living and Mobility in Smart Cities

The participants of the conference were TUM Research Alumni (former guest researchers) who live and work in Asia, scientists from TUM and TUMCREATE, as well as experts from Singapore. The presentations of the three sessions are published online and available through TUM.University Press.

Picture: Andreas Heddergott /TUM

Welcome Services for International Researchers

With its Welcome Services, the TUM Global & Alumni Office supports international postdocs, visiting professors and TUM hosts in all formalities related to relocating to Munich.

Institute for Advanced Studies at TUM Campus Garching by night (Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM).

TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS)

True to the motto “risking creativity,” the IAS serves as a flagship institute for top-level international research at TUM, and has helped to drive the university’s development into one of Germany’s top academic institutions. The IAS Fellowship Programme offers excellent guest scientists from academia and industry the chance to conduct top-level, interdisciplinary research at TUM.


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