TUM Career Days


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During the TUM Career Days we offer an exciting selection of events:

  • CV checks
  • Professional application photos
  • Speed-dating sessions with renowned companies
  • Webinars on topics such as job search and salary negotiations
  • Career Lounge with TUM alumni

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Speed-Dating with companies

The Online Speed-Dating offers students, doctoral candidates and alumni the opportunity to conduct short conversations with various companies about internships, trainee programs or permanent positions within 2 hours.

For students, doctoral candidates and alumni:

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For companies: 

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  • For further questions, please send an e-mail to: alumniandcareer@tum.de

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Feedback Career Day


„The speed dating event was an incredible opportunity for me to interact with the HR of a prestigious bank.“

Quote: Ruby Merlin Pinto – Participant at the Speed Dating with Companies 2023

Ruby Merlin Pinto

Picture: Photogenika/TUM

Career Day Impressions
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