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Alumni founders
TUM Ambassador Muriel Médard.

TUM Ambassador Muriel Médard

“I Am a Pathological Optimist”

TUM Ambassador Ramona Vogt
Alumni doing research

TUM Ambassador Ramona Vogt

TUM Ambassador Hristo Svilenov
Alumni doing research

TUM Ambassador Hristo Svilenov

TUM Ambassador Andreas Kronfeld
Alumni doing research

TUM Ambassador Andreas Kronfeld

TUM Ambassador Yang Ji
Alumni doing research

TUM Ambassador Yang Ji

Dr. Marta Antonelli receives the certificate from TUM President Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann.
Alumni doing research

“My Hope Is, That My Research Could Help People”

TUM Ambassador Poul Sorensen.
Alumni doing research

“What Has Always Driven Me Is the Urge to Make New and Impactful Discoveries”

Porträtaufnahme von TUM Ambassador J. Tinsley Oden.
In memoriam

TUM Ambassador J. Tinsley Oden

TUM Ambassador Matteo Maestri in his lab at the Politecnico di Milano.
Alumni doing research

“My Multicultural Network Is One of the Greatest Blessings of My Profession”

David Lapola in the yellow T-shirt talks to a staff member holding a laptop in the jungle.
Alumni doing research

Uncovering the Secrets of the Rainforest

TUM Ambassador Gerhard Schenk doing fieldwork in the Andes.
Alumni doing research

“I Want to Bring about a Global Impact”

Das Bild zeigt TUM Ambassador Kai-feng Pan, die Leiterin des Labors auf chinesischer Seite (3.v.r.) neben der Vizepräsidentin für Internationale Allianzen und Alumni, Prof. Dr. Juliane Winkelmann (4.v.r.), und Zhenshan Jin, TUM Liaison Officer aus dem TUM Beijing Office (2.v.l.)
Alumni doing research

“Our Collaboration Is Extremely Successful”

TUM Ambassador Maya Schuldiner
Alumni commitment

“Science Must Be Family-Friendly”