Portrait photo of TUM Alumnus Himanshu Panandikar.

Photo: Daniel Fürg.

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Podcast with TUM Alumni Himanshu Panandikar
“I was pleasantly surprised”
10. Feb 2023  |  
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38 percent of all TUM students come from abroad. Most of them apply for a fulltime job after graduation and like to contribute their knowledge and manpower. However, many questions arise when entering the German job market: Where can I find suitable jobs? What do German employers particularly value? And do I really need a photo on my resume?

TUM Alumni Himanshu Panadikar has successfully mastered the entry into the German job market and works for a Munich-based family business specializing in power supply solutions. In this episode of „That’s my Job,“ he shares his experiences about his application process and the first months working in a German company.

In this episode, TUM career expert Anke Graf shares her tips on how to best prepare for job hunting and the application process.