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TUM Ambassadors
David Lapola in the yellow T-shirt talks to a staff member holding a laptop in the jungle.

TUM Ambassador David Lapola

Uncovering the Secrets of the Rainforest

Lilian Busse TUM Alumna
Alumni in leadership

“Since My Studies, I’ve Been Fascinated with the Topic of Water”

Portrait of Carina van Weelden.
Alumni in sustainability

“I Want to Make the World a Little Bit Better”

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Gerd Wegener
Alumni doing research

“Every Tree Counts”

Als Berater für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung fand Karl Fordemann seine zweite Berufung. Am Beispiel einer gestalteten Tonscheibe verdeutlicht er, was der Mensch mit seinen Händen auszudrücken vermag (Bild: Privat).
Alumni commitment

“This Is Meaningful Living at Its Best!”

Führungskraft Claudia Häpp
Alumni in digitalization

“Pioneering Work in the Energy Sector”

Tatjana Rosendorfer
Alumni commitment

“Money Is Not an End in Itself”

Dr. Karl-Otto Stetter
Alumni doing research

“I Didn't Want a Secret Curiosity Shop“

Nora Els and Friederike Ott
Alumni commitment

“An outside Perspective Is Incredibly Helpful”

Coachin und TUM Alumna Valentina Luspai
Alumni commitment

“At TUM I Was Able to Learn and Grow”

Alumni in sustainability

“Protecting the Environment Should Be Fun”

TUM Alumni Wolfram Ruhenstroth-Bauer with TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann and Vice President Claudia Peus.
Doctorate at TUM

“My Motivation Was to Help People”

Alumni Donors Evelyn Albrecht-Goepfert and Arnd Albrecht with TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann
Alumni giving back

“We Each Hold the Future in Our Hands”