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Alumni founders

Donor and Honorary Senator Farhad Farassat

“We Knew That We Could Find a Solution Together”

Portrait photos of the alumni in a collage.
Alumni commitment

How do You do this?

Franz-Robert Klingan
Alumni commitment

“Our Ambition Must Be to Compete with the Very Best”

Robert Schmucker
Alumni commitment

“I Am Grateful for My Life”

Dr. Ann Katrin Bäumler and TUM Alumnus Werner Grützner at the TUM.Archiv, Technical University Munich
Alumni commitment

“Responsible Service Was the Key to Success”

Alumni Donors Evelyn Albrecht-Goepfert and Arnd Albrecht with TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann
Alumni giving back

“We Each Hold the Future in Our Hands”

Gallus Rehm TUM Honorary Senator and University Donor
Alumni commitment

“I Am Grateful to TUM by Conviction”

TUM Alumna Ying Zhang on a city tour with fellow TUM Alumni.
Alumni doing research

“Doing My Doctorate at TUM Was an Unforgettable Time”

Universitätsstifter Daniel Tomic TUM Alumni Porträt
Alumni commitment

“At TUM, I Learned What German Engineering Really Means”

Gabriele Hertle und Robert Hertle
Alumni commitment

“We Plan, Build and Shape for Generations“

Rainer Stellwag
Alumni commitment

“It Is Beautiful to Be So Connected with the TUM Family”

University benefactor Roland Lacher
Alumni commitment

“There Is No Greater Thing than to Invest in Young People”

Hans Weidinger
Alumni commitment

“The University Has Shaped My Entire Life”