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Alumni in leadership
Portrait of TUM alumnus Klaus Richter.

Top Manager Klaus Richter

"I had people paving the way who really took empowerment seriously"

TUM Alumna Waleska Defne Leifeld at HFF after receiving the 2011 Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award.
Alumni with distinction

"My protagonist is the space"

Großaufnahme einer Hand an einer Geigenseite.
Alumni creative

What music means to our alumni

Adventskonzert Vivat TUM 2019

Michael Bartels
Alumni international

“I was so curious about an unknown country”

TUM Alumni Bernhard Edmaier.
Alumni creative

“My work is an ongoing expedition”

Ferdinand Hofer

“I have learnt for my acting career from studying”

TUM Alumna Sylvia Dankesreiter mit Orchester auf der Bühne.
Alumni creative

“I savour being on stage with a full-sized orchestra“

Maria Furtwängler

„I am a feminist who started late“

TUM Alumnus Anton Klotzner.
Alumni creative

“It is your duty to use your talents”

Dr. Ulrich Eberls mit seinem Hausroboter Nao Bluestar
Alumni creative

“My robot is almost like one of the family”