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Alumni doing research
David Lapola in the yellow T-shirt talks to a staff member holding a laptop in the jungle.

TUM Ambassador David Lapola

Uncovering the Secrets of the Rainforest

TUM Alumna Nikita Jayswal
Alumni international

"I am a problem solver"

TUM Alumni Alexander Eichberger during his farewell speech on the occasion of the sale of his company in 2014.
Alumni in sustainability

"I used to have completely different values"

Alumni international

Entrepreneur Sofía Ramírez Bernini

TUM Alumnus Uchendu Eugene Chigbu.
Alumni doing research

"A good idea can improve people's lives"

TUM Alumni Michael Wax, Erik Muttersbach and Michael Ardelt (f.l.t.r.).

"We take our responsibility very seriously"

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Gerd Wegener
Alumni in sustainability

“Every tree counts”

Lukas Wiesmeier, Karl Schulz und Bilal Tariq
Young talents

“Without TUM, our company would not exist.”

Nora Els and Friederike Ott
Alumni commitment

“An outside perspective is incredibly helpful”

Eleonore Eisath
Alumni in sustainability

“We want to solve one of the biggest environmental problems”

TUM Alumna Christina Risinger.
Alumni doing politics

“I have an enormous creative drive”

Gründer und TUM Alumnus Andreas Kunze
Young talents

“What they do in Silicon Valley isn’t rocket science either“

Dr. Lars Hoffmann kommt mit seinem Unternehmen fos4X hoch hinaus: Hier ist er auf einer Windkraftanlage in 150 Meter Höhe zu sehen. Die Produkte seiner Firma optimieren den Betrieb von Windenergieanlagen deutlich (Bild: fos4X).
Alumni in sustainability

“We’re helping a great idea get off the ground“