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Alumni commitment
Robert Schmucker

TUM Honorary Senator Robert Schmucker

“I Am Grateful for My Life”

Silber Jubilare bei der Jubiläumsfeier im Juli 2022
Alumni with distinction

Jubilee Video

TUM alumnus Jürgen Schopp at his workstation in the Geoinformation department at the Verband Region Stuttgart.
Alumni commitment

“It Was Always about My Abilities Here, Not My Impairment”

Dr. Karl-Otto Stetter
Alumni doing research

“I Didn't Want a Secret Curiosity Shop“

TUM Alumni Wolfram Ruhenstroth-Bauer with TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann and Vice President Claudia Peus.
Doctorate at TUM

“My Motivation Was to Help People”

Alumni Donors Evelyn Albrecht-Goepfert and Arnd Albrecht with TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann
Alumni giving back

“We Each Hold the Future in Our Hands”

Gallus Rehm TUM Honorary Senator and University Donor
Alumni commitment

“I Am Grateful to TUM by Conviction”

Norbert Reithofer
Alumni in leadership

“My Family Has Always Been My Counterbalance”

Portrait of TUM Alumna Elisabetta Castiglioni.
Alumni in leadership

“I Draw the Best from Different Cultures”

TUM Alumna Dr. Andrea Bör.
Alumni in leadership

“In Extreme Situations I Remain Very Calm and Focused”

TUM Alumni Konstantin Lackner, Robert Schreiter, Josef Rampl and Michael Rieder celebrate the head of the family's 100th birthday.
TUM Families

“Studying at TUM Must Be Great!”

Veronika Thurner und Michael Arbesmeier lernten sich am Lehrstuhl für Ingenieuranwendungen in der Informatik und numerische Programmierung der TUM kennen (Foto: Magdalena Jooß/TUM).
TUM Families

“Do You Remember Back Then, When…?”

KontakTUM Magazin Sommersemester 2017, Rubrik: Wir gehören zusammen, "Die TUM in den Genen", Prof. Robert Rapp, Dr. Stephanie Rapp-Fiegle, Dr. Christoph Rapp, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Michael Fiegle
TUM Families

“We Belong Together”