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Women of TUM
TUM Alumna Eveline Gottzein, PhD Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 1983, Honorary Professor 2011 (Picture: Magdalena Jooß/TUM).

Control Engineer Eveline Gottzein

“I Am Tenacious and Never Give Up”

Porträtaufnahme von TUM Ambassador J. Tinsley Oden.
In memoriam

TUM Ambassador J. Tinsley Oden

Gallus Rehm TUM Honorary Senator and University Donor
Alumni commitment

“I Am Grateful to TUM by Conviction”

In memoriam

“I Had a Lot of Freedom in My Research”

In memoriam

“I Was One of the Youngest and at the Same Time the Boss”

TUM Alumnus Andreas Meck in the TUM Architecure Museum.
In memoriam

“To Me the Variety of Tasks Is Fascinating”

TUM Alumnus Georg Färber.
In memoriam

“The Hurdles Were Pretty High”

Maren Heinzerling receives the Deutscher Bürgerpreis.
In memoriam

“I Needed Courage Again and Again”