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Alumni founders
Portrait photograph of Professor Robert Huber.

Professor Robert Huber

“I Went inside the Molecules”

TUM Emeritus of Excellence Gerd Wegener
Alumni doing research

“Every Tree Counts”

Alumni doing research

“This Title Bestowed on Me by TUM Fills Me with Pride”

Als Lehrstuhlinhaber für Baugeschichte, Historische Bauforschung und Denkmalpflege an der TUM leitete Prof. Dr. Manfred Schuller zahlreiche Großprojekte. Bei der Untersuchung von denkmalgeschützer Holzarchitektur in der usbekischen Stadt Buchara war der Bauforscher selbst die Attraktion.
Alumni doing research

“We Had to Fly High up to Avoid Being Shot At”

TUM Alumnus Joachim Heinzl
Alumni doing research

“Some Things Work before You Know Why”

In memoriam

“I Had a Lot of Freedom in My Research”

In memoriam

“I Was One of the Youngest and at the Same Time the Boss”

EoE Prof. Dr. Jörg Eberspächer, EoE Prof. Dr. Georg Färber, EoE Prof. Dr. Joachim Hagenauer, EoE Prof. Dr. Manfred Kleber, Full Professor Prof. Dr. Klaus Diepold, EoE Prof. Dr. Erich Sackmann, EoE Prof. Dr. Michael Molls .
Alumni doing research

“If You Don't Continue Learning, You Have Already Lost”

TUM Alumnus Prof. Winfried Petry
Alumni doing research

“I Am Now a Tue-Wed-Thu Professor”

TUM Alumnus Wolfgang Domcke mit Studierenden.
Alumni doing research

“My Life Is Governed by Science and Sports”

TUM Alumnus Professor
Alumni doing research

“Decision-Making Is Something You Learn in Industry”

TUM Professor Karl-Heinz Schleifer
Alumni doing research

“Microorganisms Awakened the Researcher in Me”

Alumni doing research

“I Was Lucky to Be Able to Put My Own Theories into Practice”