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Alumni founders

Donor and honorary senator Farhad Farassat

"We knew that we could find a solution together"

TUM Alumna Eva-Maria Bauch.
Alumni in leadership

"I see disruption as an opportunity and as something positive"

Alumni doing politics

"We must enable our best talents to develop solutions for the future"

TUM Alumna Waleska Defne Leifeld at HFF after receiving the 2011 Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award.
Alumni with distinction

"My protagonist is the space"

TUM Alumna Dr. Silke Maurer
Alumni in leadership

"I’ve learned a great deal from my international teams"

Lilian Busse TUM Alumna
Alumni in leadership

“Since my studies, I’ve been fascinated with the topic of water”

TUM alumna Amelie Schoenenwald
Alumni and space

“Dreams are attainable”

(From left) TUM alumni Christoph Drexler, Florian Bauer and André Frirdich with a kite prototype outside the wind tunnel.
Alumni in sustainability

„Entrepreneurship is hugely fulfilling“

Portrait picture of TUM alumnus Heinz Höreth.
Alumni in leadership

"The motivator should not be money first and foremost."

TUM alumna and mentor Prof. Dr. Elena Simperl and TUM alumnus and mentee Phillip Schneider.
Alumni doing research

"I learned that research is a team sport"

Silber Jubilare bei der Jubiläumsfeier im Juli 2022
Alumni with distinction

Jubilee Video

TUM Alumna Nikita Jayswal
Alumni international

"I am a problem solver"

Portrait photo of TUM Alumna Viktoria Leonhard
Alumni commitment

"To lead well, you have to like people."