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Alumni athletes
TUM Alumnus und Olympiasieger Klaus Wolfermann

Olympic champion Klaus Wolfermann

“God has given me an unbelievable sense of ambition”

TUM Alumnus Florian Grigoleit
Alumni international

"Just give it a try!"

Franz Kapsner TUM Alumnus
Alumni commitment

Consultant and Coach Franz Kapsner

Johannes Lochner Olympiasieger
Alumni athletes

„Your always have to keep the goal in mind“

Eveline Gottzein with her own doctoral thesis.
Alumni in leadership

"I am tenacious and never give up"

TUM Alumnus und Nobelpreisträger Prof. Joachim Frank
Alumni Nobel Laureates

„I was on a quest to find meaning in a chaotic world“

Porträtaufnahme von Nobelpreisträger Wolfgang Ketterle.
Alumni Nobel Laureates

"Suddenly the atoms showed their wave nature"

Portrait photograph of Professor Robert Huber.
Alumni Nobel Laureates

„I Went Inside the Molecules“