TUM Career Guide - Chapter 6 - Becoming successful

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Becoming successful
How to make the most of your career
24. Mai 2023  |  
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Nowadays, the course of a person’s career is no longer clear-cut and predefined. The professional journeys we travel are more varied; we have greater power to shape our own future and set out into new directions.

Flexibility is the name of the game. Some people might spend over 20 years in the same role, working for the same employer – but they are very much the exception. And, even if you do spend many years in the same job, your resources, processes, structures and even location are likely to change over time.


That’s good news because you, too, will change over the course of your professional life. Nobody is the same person at 40 that they were at 20. Our experiences and fortunes shape us; our values flex and mature; we re-evaluate what we need and demand from our jobs. The modern world of work enables you to redefine and renegotiate your place in it, time and again.

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