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TUM uses a variety of channels to keep you up to date on what is happening at the university and in the TUM Network. On this page you will find a summary of the various magazines, publications and newsletters available to the TUM Community.

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TUM offers a wide range of books, magazines and media for information for the TUM Community (Picture: Humboldt Foundation / Robert Schlesinger)

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Alumni Magazine KontakTUM

KontakTUM Magazine is published twice annually and is available in both German and English as a download or in printed form. On about 70 pages, each issue of the alumni magazine is dedicated to a different topic – always focusing on the individual lives and achievements of our TUM Alumni.


Current Issue


Ideas for now from within the TUM Family

On 68 pages, the current KontakTUM is dedicated to the topic of digitalization. The TUM Alumni Magazine introduces ten founders who influence the digital world with their visions and groundbreakingly shape the future. Moreover, the KontakTUM editorial team invited the president of TUM and four TUM alumnae to a round table to discuss digitalization – their conclusion: “Digitalization needs courage”.

In the programme section of the magazine you will find a variety of events – and of course also many webinars and online offers. As an alumni, you have plenty of opportunities to return to your alma mater digitally and benefit from the numerous offers at TUM.

Career Publications

Career Flyer “From Student to Young Professional”

Be one step ahead of your competitors and take advantage of the wide range of information and offers at TUM: The Career Flyer contains information on career opportunities such as the Applications Check Online, personal counselling and Assessment Centre Training.

TUM Career Guide (Picture: Alexander Gerner/TUM).

TUM Career Guide

The TUM Career Guide is the core application guide of the TUM Career Service. It contains a comprehensive section on job applications in general, which provides information on all aspects of job selection, career entry planning, how to apply for jobs in Germany and abroad, interviews, assessment centres and much more.
The TUM Career Guide is published in German and English and is available to all interested Students and Alumni of TUM as long as stocks last. Pick up your personal copy at one of the Alumni & Career offices or take it out from one of the TUM Libraries.

Flyer Working in Germany

You would like to pursue a career in Germany: Our flyer Working in Germany provides you with initial assistance and tips on what to look out for when it comes to work permits, taxes and job search.



Research Alumni

In the brochure, TUM presents various research alumni (Image: Humboldt Foundation / Robert Schlesinger).

Brochure of Research Alumni

Thanks to an award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, TUM has been able to invite research alumni to the TUM Network in a targeted way since 2013. To this date several hundreds have taken up the invitation. This initiative to expand the TUM Network was presented in the brochure “Once a Guest, Forever a Friend”.

TUM Community Email Newsletter

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Our Newsletters

The Alumni Newsletter is available in German or English and will be mailed out approximately every four to six weeks.

The Career Newsletter is published every six to eight weeks in German and English and contains information on current career events, application advice and programmes on the subject of careers and career orientation.


The Newsletter for Doctoral Students and Postdocs is published about four times annually in German and English. It is aimed at doctoral students or postdocs with an interest in a career in business and industry and provides information on career events and opportunities for further education.

The Newsletter for Employers is published about twice a year in German and English and contains information on how employers can alert TUM Students to career opportunities and events in their company. In addition, it includes relevant information on events, gives insider tips and points out the advantages for businesses of TUM Alumni..

Further TUM Publications

Science magazine Faszination Forschung (Image: Astrid Eckert / TUM).

Faszination Forschung

Those fascinated by research are reading TUM’s science magazine. The biannual magazine “Faszination Forschung” offers interesting insights into the world of research at our university and highlights the latest scientific achievements.

The university magazine TUM Campus (Picture: TUM).

University Magazine TUMcampus

The magazine informs students, employees and friends of TUM about campus life, university policy, teaching and science and the people who are making TUM what it is. The magazine is published four times a year.

Picture: Uli Benz/TUM